What is the best mp3skull alternative?

Mp3skull is well-known as one of the most popular websites to download tons of free music online, which appeals to a large number of users. However, still part of users is looking for an alternative to mp3skull. Why?

It’s hard to figure out the specific reasons, since different people meet different problems. But now that the question is put forward, what’s the most important is finding the solution way. In fact, there is a rather number of similar sites to mp3skull on the Internet, such as Mp3raid, Beemp3, Mp3 grabber etc.

It’s reasonable that users are aching to get an mp3skull alternative when mp3skull fails in solving their problems. As to the alternatives, I am about to introduce you two sites just like mp3skull and show their advantages respectively.

Best mp3skull alternative – Mp3 grabber

Mp3grabber.net is a free online service to grab video to mp3. With it, you can save any mp3 you preferred on your iPhone, Mp3 player or other mobile devices. This is only the similarity to mp3skull, but the real superiority can be presented from three aspects.

Three obvious advantages of Mp3 grabber

1. Mp3 grabber supports grab mp3 from videos, as long as you copy and paste the right video URL. When it searched video, you have access to save it in mp3 or other audio formats. Apparently, mp3skull has no ability to convert video to mp3.

2. For an alternative to mp3skull, it’s normal to allow users type keywords in search box. What deserve to mention is that it enables you to play video online and download video or mp3 as you like.

3. It also provides convert local file like downloaded video or audio to mp3, wma, wav, aac etc. Here, Mp3 grabber can be regarded as an online mp3 converter, which is disabled by mp3skull.

Through above description, maybe you are appealed by such a wonderful mp3skull alternative. But before you start, one thing you should know, that is, a Java window will pop up and remind if you agree to run this application when you are the first time to use it. Don’t hesitate, you just run it and I promise it’s very safe.

Simple steps to download music with Mp3 grabber

  • Go mp3grabber.net
  • Enter keywords or paste video URL
  • Click Grab it button
  • Choose one you like to download as mp3
  • Finish the output audio settings and click Download button


It won’t cost your much time to download mp3, just wait it for seconds. During the processing, you may check Recent downloads, Today’s hottest or Always popular on Mp3 grabber, if you are lucky, maybe you would find your favorite video.

Tips: If you copy and paste the video URL in search box directly, then you can skip step 4, since it prepares for users who type the keywords.

Other mp3skull similar sites like Beemp3

It’s not hard to find an online website to download free music, while it’s a tough thing to find a really good substitution to mp3skull. But beemp3 is undoubtedly a good choice for you because of its powerful search engine.


On beemp3, downloading free music becomes an easy thing. Just enter the keywords in the search box and click Search button, related music resources will appear on this site. The steps are almost the same as other sites like mp3skull, but beemp3 does well job in listing keywords category like All, Song, Album, Artist, which benefits you finding more accurate results.

By now, two online alternative sites to mp3skull have been introduced you. On the whole, this mp3skull review is written from users’ perspective, and I hope it brings good results.

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